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Due diligence

Legal due diligence made simple.

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We conduct legal due diligence in financing and sale transactions. A due diligence typically includes a background check of key executives/shareholders and a review of the obligations of the target company such as debts, pending and potential litigation, leases, warranties, long-term customer agreements, employment contracts, distribution agreements, compensation arrangements, and so forth.
Our team can also assist your company in getting ready for an upcoming due diligence.

Startup package

blue HF is proud to offer one of the best
tech startup program out there. Learn more
about our startup package here.

our other services

At blue HF, we understand what it takes and what is needed to get your startup off the ground. We offer a step by step approach to your legal needs such that you only get what we think is needed at your current stage. You can thus be highly functional without spending too much $$ on legal fees and thus jeopardizing your lean regime.
If you’re interested in applying to our program, please drop us a line at and tell use more about yourself and your legal needs, or fill out our questionnaire.